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Moorea food adventures

Discover delicious food throughout the island of Moorea that will indulge your tastebuds and immerse you in a true cultural island experience. 



Experience everyday local favorites on the island of Moorea.

Duration: 4-5 hours (Starts at 8:30am)

Price: 12,000 XPF(Per person)

Step into the slippers (flip-flops) of a local and join us as we snack our way around Moorea. Tama’a means to eat in Tahitian and we will be doing just that as you and your taste buds discover Moorea.

During your food tour you will taste and visit authentic local finds that will offer unique flavors where locals like to eat.  The food in Tahiti consists of three cultures, Tahitian, Chinese, and French. On the Tama’a tour we will seek out hidden food gems from all three of these backgrounds.

We will be tasting a diversity of food and drinks such as local seasonal fruits, casse-croute, fish dishes, pai, mape, and other delicious local snacks that stem from the three cultures that make up French Polynesia today.

Guests will experience a minimum of 6-8 tastings, depending on season and/or availability.



Experience a traditional Tahitian Sunday Breakfast

Duration: 2-3 hours (Starts at 6;30am)

Price: 6,900 XPF (Per person)

Enjoy this unique eating experience available only on Sundays. Traditionally in Tahitian culture, families gather around food early on Sunday morning to share homemade island delicacies and each others company. Tapati breakfast is made up of 6-8 signature dishes that are unique to this Tahitian tradition. On Moorea families are known for their signature recipes for particular dishes that have been passed on for generations.

Our tour immerses you into this tradition, helping your local guide gather each of the unique dishes from different local families. Once we’ve gathered our Tapati dishes, we will enjoy the fruits of our labor at a scenic Moorea site.



Moorea Food Adventures offers a unique local food perspective. Discover delicious food throughout the island of Moorea that will indulge your tastebuds and immerse you in a true cultural island experience.

Our guided tours take you off the beaten path in which you experience local cuisine from local vendors, cafes, and businesses. Join us for a unique tour that not only offers you a way to see Moorea but also taste and learn about the three different food cultures that makes up the melting pot of Tahitian Cuisine.

Explore the Moorea food scene with founder Heimata; island chef, international food connoisseur, and native to Moorea.


Heimata was born and raised on the island of Moorea. He spent his early years working for the family Tahitian pearl business. But Heimata always had this burning passion for food. After 15 years in the pearl business he decided to pursue his lifelong journey of being a Chef. He began his culinary journey studying at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific in Hawaii. There he apprenticed under renowned Chef Ed Kenney & Chef Dave Caldiero, restauranteurs and founders of internationally recognized and award winning restaurants. Chef Ed Kenney inspired Heimata to discover his passion to share traditional local cuisine with a modern twist.

Immerse yourself in Moorea’s food, culture, and history with one of Heimata’s Moorea Food Adventure tours.


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